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IT Risk Assessment & Remediation

What is an IT Risk Assessment

An IT Risk Assessment is a comprehensive review of the IT organization, with the objective of identifying existing flaws that could be exploited to threaten the security of the network and data. It serves as the basis for deciding what countermeasures, if any, to take in reducing risk to an acceptable level, based on the value of the information resource to the organization.

An IT Risk Assessment does more than just tell you about the state of security of your IT infrastructure; it can facilitate decision-making on your organizational security strategy. An IT Risk Assessment is a continuous process for any organization, its not a one an done assessment. An IT Risk Assessment is another layer of defense in keeping your organizations free from attackers. By identifying and remediating vulnerabilities you can close the risk posed by emerging threats due to zero day exploits and missing patches. Are you applying for Cyber Security Insurance this process  can help lower your insurance premiums.

Legal requirement is another reason to perform an IT Risk Assessment. Most organizations to comply with privacy and data security requirements in there respect industries. For example Health Care Organization have to comply with HIPPA which requires documenting technical and administrative safeguards for patient information. This process requires regular IT Risk Assessments be performed to make sure the safeguards in place are working. 

Using the information from performing an IT Risk Assessment can help you determine the most important threats to mitigate. Stop waiting for the next threat, take action before it’s too late and your data is ransomed or even lost. 

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An MTSi vulnerability assessment can assist your organization to keep pace with attackers. This will give you the ability to disrupt attack paths by gaining insight into your environment. The barrage of new vulnerabilities and the ever growing threat landscape make it difficult to keep pace. So let MTSi put the power back in your hands with a vulnerability assessment. There is no business too small or too large for attackers. Don’t fall victim to thinking it can’t  happen to you. All business are a target, developing a strong security posture is your best defense.



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