Micro Technology Solutions Inc.

About us and our IT Services

Our Mission

To proactively serve and satisfy our customers. Building a team of people who will develop and maintain a quality and service oriented attitude that leads the industry and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

MTSi offers many it services, including managed it services, help desk, cloud service, it security and disaster recover to name a few. Learn more About Us today!

Core Values

From one-time projects to ongoing IT Management, we add value to our clients’ operations by providing effective recommendations, professional implementations, and expert support.

Our Knowledge

Each of our technicians and engineers receive continued training and support so they are always up on the latest and greatest technology.

Our Team

We empower our team to give our customers exceptional service. Many of our team members have been with us for many years. Our strong relationship with them builds a strong relationship with our customers.

Looking for the Right Managed IT Services Provider

We understand choosing an IT provider can be a difficult decision. We can help make the decision as painless as possible.

Here is one thing to consider:

The right MSP has a culture that values technical employees and creates an atmosphere that fosters learning and commitment to customers. In this environment, problems are raised immediately and escalated to a team member who can resolve them. Technical employees who work together to master various technologies can build solutions that deliver excellent performance and uptime for customers. Technicians who are valued by their firm stay longer, know their customer networks intimately, and are a pleasure to work with. While culture is difficult to measure, the benefits are significant and indicate a firm that will endure. Technician attitude and tenure are the best measures of a thriving culture. ​

Have You Outgrown Your IT Guy


As any small business grows, responsibility is spread over an ever-increasing number of staff and eventually it becomes necessary to implement controls in various areas of the business. Simple practices that worked well for a team of six employees begin to break down when the team expands to thirty or fifty. As a company professionalizes everything from performance appraisals to accounting methods, it also becomes necessary to develop professional practices to manage IT systems and resources in order to protect the business and keep employees productive. Often this means it’s time to leave your IT Guy and work with a Managed Services firm.

Our History

About us: In business since 1998, we are located in Fairhaven, MA offering onsite services to the greater New England area. (Rhode Island, Massachusetts. Surrounding cities and towns, Westport, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fairhaven, Providence, East Providence, Cranston, Taunton, Stoughton, Braintree, and many more.)

MTSi offers complete solutions for the management and enhancement of IT distributed computing and E-business operations. Clients significantly reduce IT operational costs through the implementation of our full suite of services.

We are confident that with applying our strong suite of services to your business model we can help your business to succeed. We take pride in maintaining strong long-term relationships with our customers, after all our customers are our business. Making a difference one customer at a time!

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Why Choose MTSi? Great question.

Our Answer? Why dont we let our customers do the talking...