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Elevate Your Email

Why is email still the preferred method of communication for society and business communications? One reason is the growth of cloud technology, which has enabled hybrid solutions that can be customized to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Email cloud solutions provide more security and compliance while automating functionality for users, which ultimately save money.

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Microsoft Teams

A day in the life of the remote worker

What does a day in your life look like when you work remotely? As more workers are staying home to stay safe, the working day is changing. But you can help your team stay connected, stay on schedule, and keep up their great work with Microsoft Teams. This infographic will help you understand how

Webex by Cisco

Customer Story: Clifton Coffee Overview

Do you want to improve communication among your employees?

With #Teamworksolutions from #Microsoft, communication has never been easier. With a single hub for accessing company resources and so many ways for your employees to easily connect with other team members, they can’t lose. Check out this video to learn how @CliftonCoffeeRoasters grew their business by adopting a Microsoft teamwork platform.

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J. Walter Thompson creates a global collaboration hub with Microsoft technologies

How do you enable effective interaction across a digital workspace while increasing productivity and efficiency? For J. Walter Thompson, one of the world’s largest communication agencies, the answer was to fully integrate #Microsoft #Office365 with #Teams across all of its global offices. Watch this video to learn more, then contact Micro Technology Solutions Inc to see what Teams can do for your business.

Microsoft Teams

Our commitment to customers during COVID-19

With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and businesses in countries around the world, Microsoft remains dedicated to the health and safety of our teams, customers, and communities. One way Microsoft can help ensure health and safety is with remote work, made easier through the Teams app. Read what leadership has to say about making Teams available for all and what they are doing to ensure the app continues running smoothly so you can stay connected during this challenging and unprecedented time.

Microsoft Azure

Digital Transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry: Collect and Monitor Sensor Data

If you’re investing in technology to provide immediate feedback, why not also invest in a platform that allows you to use the data for efficient decision-making? At oil and gas facilities, cameras and sensors output data at lightning speeds—and it must be managed in order to keep operations smoothly. Watch how a company could use Microsoft Azure to help meet its goal.


The Importance Of Creating A Digitally Cultured Workplace

Have you fully adopted the digitally cultured workspace? In this article, Tony Holbrook writes, “Digital technology influences everything. Our society has been fundamentally changed by the rise of things like mobile devices. They’ve altered the way we interact socially and are at the core of an increasingly digital shift in the nature of commercial relationships.”

Click the link to learn more on the various aspects of embracing and maximizing this shift with clear and actionable advice.

ACE: See a 25% decrease in operating costs

Microsoft® 365 empowers nonprofits to accelerate their mission and drive impact through cloud services. London-based nonprofit Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) adopted Microsoft cloud services and saw a whopping 25% decrease in operating costs. As a set of tools truly designed for organizations, business-level security also streamlined compliance with GDPR. See how ACE leveraged Microsoft® 365 to keep mobile staff connected and improve file storage in this article, brought you by Micro Technology Solutions Inc. @msftnonprofits

Digital Resolutions Limited

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Did you know that having resources available in #Microsoft #Teamworksolutions reduces downtime by 15%? The benefit to your productivity is huge.

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Cloud computing

5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Make the big switch—move to the cloud. Faster access to infrastructure, robust scalability, and cutting-edge data security are major advantages that come with adopting Microsoft® cloud services. With several options for cloud migration, you can make the move at your own pace and on your own time. Learn about the top reasons nonprofits are moving to the cloud using Microsoft cloud services in this informative infographic brought you by Micro Technology Solutions Inc. @msftnonprofits